Why is Universal Kabbalah Important to the Modern Mystery School?

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The Modern Mystery School has been a bastion of spiritual growth and development for the people of the world since very ancient times – with its roots more than 3000 years ago, in the ancient temples of the prosperous kingdom of wise King Salomon.

You may know his name already, for myths and legends about him abound – King Salomon was so wise and so learned a spiritual master that he went on to become a central figure in all the Abrahamic faiths of the world. In addition to this, however, he created a lineage which has persisted to this day, bringing together knowledge and wisdom from all over the world and receiving knowledge from the Hierarchy of Light, which allowed him to see through all worldly illusions to the true heart of reality.

Kabbalah was an essential part of his learning and teaching, but in keeping with his work, it was a true Kabbalah meant for all peoples and working through to the heart of all reality: Universal Kabbalah. With this Universal Kabbalah, he built what is now known as The Modern Mystery School.

Universal Kabbalah as a means to Spiritual Development

Universal Kabbalah is used by the masters of the Modern Mystery School as a foundational element to their teaching, and an element which is necessary for spiritual growth and health. At the Modern Mystery School EU, Universal Kabbalah is used to help a student gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them, and it forms a crucial part of the curriculum, as it is a stepping stone to understanding deeper mysteries and unlocking more advanced techniques, like Spiritual Healing.

Universal Kabbalah as a way to understand the Universe

As mentioned above, the Modern Mystery School sees Universal Kabbalah not only as a powerful tool in its own right, but also as a way to decode the mysteries of the Universe and greater understand more advanced mystery teachings.

The glory of Universal Kabbalah is in the way that it forms a lens through which all other spirituality can be viewed, allowing us to see that which would otherwise be hidden and view that which would otherwise be secret. It is a way for us to accelerate our learning and knowledge a hundredfold!

Universal Kabbalah as a Learning Tool

Universal Kabbalah is of incredible value when paired with other spiritual techniques and tools, and can help us to develop and grow at an incredible rate – but it is also highly valuable in its own right, and the Modern Mystery School understands this.

Through Universal Kabbalah and the Sephirot, we can understand the workings of the world and the structure of reality as God built it, using the Kabbalist’s symbols rather than our own flawed experience.

By using the Sephirot as the cypher to the code of reality, we suddenly have the key to the puzzle – things that were hidden become plain as day, and things that were mysteries can now be understood.

How Does Universal Kabbalah Fit With the Teachings of the Modern Mystery School?

Universal Kabbalah has been an integral part of the teachings of the Modern Mystery School since the time of Salomon, more than 3,000 years ago. Forming a crucial part of the lineage of Salomon, Universal Kabbalah allows Modern Mystery School students to gain a foundational understanding that they would not otherwise be able to achieve, and to understand more advanced modalities that are essential for spiritual ascension and the bringing of the New Paradigm.

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