How Does Kabbalah Fit with Other Spiritual Practices?

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Kabbalah and Meditation

The foundational keystone of all Kabbalah knowledge is the Tree of Life – an icon which acts like a blueprint for creation, the soul, and our lives here on Earth. Like any blueprint, it may not be easily deciphered by the casual observer – but to one with the knowledge and training in how to read it, a blueprint can be an unbelievable wealth of knowledge, providing instructions, insight into inner workings, and directions of use. In the same way, Kabbalah provides us with knowledge that often synergises well with other spiritual and knowledge-seeking practices, providing us with the tools needed to fulfil our purpose in life to the full!

Universal Kabbalah

The Kabbalah taught by the Modern Mystery School is unique in its efficacy and lineage – the school can trace the origins of its teachings to the temples of King Salomon the Wise, where Kabbalah was first codified and used by humans.

Since this Golden Age, Kabbalah has been passed through the ages, and knowledge of the true path – The Universal Kabbalah – was protected and hidden by the lineage of the Modern Mystery School. The world was not ready to embrace it, and in a time of persecution, of the destruction of what the oppressive spiritual systems of the time did not understand, the decision was made to share the secrets of the Universal Kabbalah only with those exceptional individuals who were truly ready for it.

Those individuals have names that echo throughout history – Leonardo DaVinci, Archimedes, Pythagoras.

Now, though, the paradigm of our world is shifting. Those attuned to the energies of the world can feel the energy of humanity changing, ascending to a new height – the time is coming for every human to learn the true ways of living in accordance with the Light – and it begins with Universal Kabbalah!

How Kabbalah Synergises with Other Spiritual Practices

Kabbalah has traditionally been practiced alone, and while it has almost unlimited potential as a learning tool, the spiritual masters in the Lineage of Salomon the Wise see it as one facet of a much more powerful tool set. It’s known that Salomon himself brought many spiritual masters to his temples, creating a system for understanding the world which transcended culture and spoke directly to the cosmos – this system is the Universal Kabbalah. Through the Universal Kabbalah passed down exclusively through this lineage, the understanding and insight provided to the Kabbalist is greater than ever before.

Kabbalah When Partnered with Meditation

A natural pairing is between Universal Kabbalah and Meditation. When Gudni Gudnason opened the doors of the Modern Mystery School, he not only went public with the ancient teachings of the Lineage of Salomon: he also followed in King Salomon’s footsteps by learning from spiritual masters of Tibet, Japan, India, Native America and Western Europe, synthesising the most powerful meditation technique ever created: the Max Meditation System.

As it was designed specifically to include facets of Kabbalah within its structure, the Max Meditation System pairs perfectly with contemplation of the mysteries of the Kabbalah – focusing the mind and eliminating the psychological and spiritual contaminants that can prevent perfect understanding of the Sephirot.

Kabbalah and Yoga

Yoga is becoming a trendy fitness technique, but its roots are much more spiritual than that. Focused on breathing technique, chakra alignment and spiritual balance, yoga practiced with an eye to spirituality synergises easily with kabbalah – after all, both are practices which seek to centre the practitioner, help them to achieve balance and understanding, and give them the tools to empower themselves.

The careful breathing and self-care involved with yoga is an asset to anyone who wants to understand not just themselves, but the world – a moment of peace in which inspiration can strike!

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If you would like some more information on how Kabbalah can fit around your existing spiritual and self-care practices, or you would like to know how to combine the study of Kabbalah with other complementary practices, you can get in touch with the experts at Universal Kabbalah London via the contact forms on this site, or by calling us on 02071837880.

At Universal Kabbalah London, we employ an understanding of the Kabbalah that has been handed down for more than 3000 years in an unbroken, traceable lineage. That lineage helps us to see the connections between the Kabbalah and other esoteric disciplines, and to teach them in a way that empowers our students to live their best lives.

You can get in touch with us using the contact details above, or for more information on meditation techniques, spiritual awakening and personal improvement, you can visit the Modern Mystery School website to speak to a spiritual teacher today!

The Modern Mystery School continues the lineage of King Salomon into the modern day, revealing the mysteries of the kabbalah to a new generation of humanity. As the world shifts into the new phase, knowledge of Kabbalah is more important than ever – awaken your true potential with the Universal Kabbalah!