Kabbalah and the New Paradigm

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We live in exciting times.

For the first time ever, we have seemingly unlimited information at our fingertips, and communication is faster than ever. We can share ideas, photos, experiences in realtime, and speak to people anywhere in the world.

With these changes, come an amazing opportunity. We could say the playing field is being leveled. We all have an chance to create the world we desire to live in.

This is something Kabbalists have been doing for thousands of years. Kabbalists are trained to tap into the field of infinite possibility and create new realities at the speed of thought. Kabbalists have been saying for thousands of years what quantum and theoretical physicists are saying today: everything is energy. We create the world we experience, the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, and the world around us responds to our level of consciousness.

Universal Kabbalah is also a living system, constantly adapting and evolving. Much of the technology we have available today is the result of Kabbalistic thinking. Much of it is based on research done by Nicola Tesla, who was familiar with Universal Kabbalah and its concepts.

Kabbalah is something that now allows us to not only adapt, but also create an entirely new paradigm. There are many prophecies from around the world that state we are entering into a new Golden Age. A time where the experience of life on earth is changing rapidly. We are becoming more aware of our divinity, and embracing and creating new ways of being and doing things.

We live in a time where anything is possible. Limited only by our imagination, we have the opportunity to bring new ideas and concepts into the world. New tribes are forming: like-minded individuals who unite with a common vision of a better world for all.

Kabbalah helps us to understand energy and matter; force and form. There are forces at play now that support us in creating a better world. As Kabbalists, we can transform these forces into form. We can create new forms that allow people to experience more beauty and harmony in the world.

The New Science and New Art are about expressing the unfoldment of consciousness. Kabbalah accelerates this unfoldment and provides us with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to transcend our preconceived limitations and create a world where anything is possible, a world where there is equal opportunity for all of us to thrive.

Kabbalah trains the mind to embrace the type of quantum thinking required to leap into this new world. When we take the leap, we build the foundation for others to do the same. This is how we will ultimately create peace on earth.

This is written in the stars and imprinted in our hearts. The seeds of awakening planted by Kabbalists of times past are now coming to fruition.

This is our time. This is the future.

The possibilities are endless. What do you wish to create?