Manifesting Abundance Through Universal Kabbalah

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Kabbalah manifestation

It’s often said that “time is money” or that “you’ve got to spend money to make money”. A much more potent truth often gets left at the wayside, though: money is a form of energy. When you have more money to draw on, your energy reserves are greater – you can act more extensively, amplify your actions, and advance your goals more surely.

However, for many people, who haven’t been trained in the movement and manipulation of energy, money can be a limiting factor on our lives. The open and plentiful flow of energy becomes, in our minds, simply the shackles of money, and we are quickly tied down by it. How often do you find yourself wishing that more money would come your way? How many problems could be solved by greater wealth?

Universal Kabbalah teaches us that money is energy – and when we open ourselves up to the Universal Flow, alongside the teachings of Kabbalah, we will soon see the abundance we seek!

Universal Kabbalah and Abundance

One of the key tenets of Universal Kabbalah is that each of us is eternal. Our spirits had no beginning: they will have no end. As the result of this truth, we have the experience, knowledge and resources of infinite lifetimes available to us, which can be accessed through Universal Kabbalah.

The study of Universal Kabbalah opens our eyes to the flow of energy in the world around us, and how to tap into that flow – both for knowledge and to harness its energy to do good works, creating abundance in the process. With the skill set and tools provided by our studies of Universal Kabbalah with the Modern Mystery School, we can access the universal flow of energy, tapping this wondrous an infinite resource to manifest our desires in the real world.

Kabbalah, Abundance and the Self

One of the key ways in which Kabbalah can be used to manifest abundance lies in the way that it helps us to grow as people. With the study of Universal Kabbalah comes self-awareness and self-exploration, revealing our gifts, talents, and hidden potential. Perhaps even more vitally, it also reveals the not-so-good: those parts of ourselves which are holding us back.

Once we have identified the parts of ourselves which we wish to strengthen, and the parts which we wish to be rid of, we can work to better ourselves, uncovering our true power and awakening ourselves to the reality of abundance in our own lives!

Kabbalah, Abundance and Money

When we talk about abundance, we are talking on some level about food, shelter, warmth, travel opportunities, the ability to provide for those we love, and the ability to pursue our dreams. We are talking, in the simplest sense, about money.

However, while many view money as an end unto itself – or as an ultimate master which must be obeyed – the students of Universal Kabbalah at the Modern Mystery School have a different view of it. Money is energy, yes – but it is also a tool that we can use to better our lives and the lives of those around us. No more, and no less, than a tool. That is why, when we manifest abundance, we are not simply making money for the sake of it – those who do will never have enough, and never be satisfied, because the problem isn’t with their bank balance: it is inside. An unbalanced heart, always craving money for the sake of having more money, will have a hard time reaching the Universal Flow, and an even harder time manifesting the money they so covetously desire.

Abundance as a Tool

Money is an amplifier: a tool that increases our ability to act. As stated above, money allows us to accomplish our goals on a grander scale than would be possible without it. It is a vital component of many missions, facilitating the work that will bring in a better world for all – and that is how we should view it.

Money, to the Universal Kabbalist, is not the end result, but rather the tool that enables the fulfilment of our true mission. With that mindset, and with a focus on your goal, it will be easier than ever to tap into the Universal Flow and manifest abundance in your life, fuelling your mission ever more fully.

A mindset that is conflicted about the need for abundance, which seeks material wealth for no good reason or which grasps at manifestation to gain the abundance needed for survival, is a trickier prospect. If you have felt like you are unable to reach higher no matter how hard you work, this may be why – consider why you are seeking greater abundance, align your goals with those of the Universe, and you may be surprised at the change in fortunes!

Tips for Manifesting Abundance with Universal Kabbalah

Remember to remain self-aware and give time to consider your goals and desires when working to manifest abundance. If you already have all you need for your mission, then you are ready to realise it in this world. If you don’t, why not?

Are your words, actions and desires motivated by love and compassion? Or do they harbour anxiety, worry, and greed? Is the energy with which you are working a positive one, or have you allowed it to become polluted with desperation and fear?

Once you have identified what is holding you back, you can work with the spiritual guides of the Modern Mystery School to overcome it.

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