How to Manifest in your Life

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Have you ever tried to create something in your life and have it come close to fruition, only to have something go wrong before it can materialize?

This is a common occurrence I'm sure many can relate to. Often we don't understand what went wrong, or why things didn't work out the way you anticipated. There is a reason for this, and this reason is usually invisible to the untrained mind.

This is where the Universal Kabbalah comes in. Kabbalah expands your mind to help you understand the unseen forces in play in your life. Whether we are aware of it or not, these forces affect our decisions and our actions. When we understand how this energy works, we can use challenges as a platform to turn the situation around and create the outcome we wish to experience.

Granted, we don't always have control of the reason something goes wrong. But we can control how we respond to a situation. Kabbalah helps us to identify the energy at play and transform it into a different energy that will support our dreams and goals.

There is a practical tool that comes from Kabbalah called the Four Worlds. The simplest way to explain the Four Worlds is to say they correspond to Idea, Thought, Plan, and Action. Each one of these steps represents a particular aspect of the creative process. This is also a formula we can use to create anything we want in our lives.

If you have tried to create something in your life before and it didn't work out, it's likely that you either skipped one of these steps, or didn't spend enough time on each step. If you spend enough time on each step, you will be able to create anything you can imagine.

The first step is Idea. This only takes a split second, and comes to us as a spark of inspiration from the mind of God.

We begin to think about the idea and this brings us to Thought. This step takes longer than the previous step, and involves thinking about all aspects of this idea until a plan begins to form in our mind.

The next step is Plan. This is where your idea starts to become physical. It's good to write down your thoughts, and essential to write down your plan. Doing this begins to anchor your idea into the physical world. You should spend more time planning your project than you did thinking about it. You should plan thoroughly and as precisely as possible. You should consider potential outcomes and devise a strategy to turn your idea into something tangible. If you plan your project well enough, your next step becomes much easier. Your plan should become a set of instructions to follow in the next step.

Finally, it is time to take action. This step usually takes the longest, but if you devised a solid action plan, your actions could be as simple as following a set of instructions. This is where you put in the hard physical work, and if you followed each step carefully, your project will come to fruition.

Maybe now you can recognize a previous project where you went from idea straight to action, or spent so much time thinking that you never progressed onto the planning stage. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we can often see this more clearly when we start working with the Four Worlds.

Perhaps you consider yourself as an ideas person, or you're a good planner, but have trouble following through. There are two ways to address this. You can use the Four Worlds as a blueprint and put more effort and energy into the areas that do not come naturally do you. This will strengthen those abilities within you. Or you can work with a team consisting of people who have strengths in each one of the Four Worlds. This way the team members will compliment each other, and everyone can contribute their gifts to working together towards a common goal.

So there you have it. This is the original blueprint for manifestation. The next step is to review one of your previous projects that didn't work out, and utilize the Four Worlds to complete the steps you may have missed the first time around. Or, you can go out into the world and create something brand new, using this technique.

Most importantly, have fun with this.

What do you want to create? What have you already created using this formula? Please share your experiences in the comments below.