What are the Four Worlds in Kabbalah?

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Learn to Manifest

We all have things that we want out of life – if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be alive! Whether it’s love, money, safety, a nice place to live or a job that we love, every human being has needs and desires. Often, though, society tells us that we don’t deserve these things. Maybe it’s the belief that we can’t get our feet off the ground in our career, or the sinking feeling that we might not ever find the perfect person to spend our lives with – doubt plagues us.

In the study of Kabbalah, however, we see the answer to making our dreams a reality. We can have the lives we want and still be ourselves – any goal is achievable when we carefully progress through the Four Worlds taught to us by the Tree of Life!

The Four Worlds and Manifestation

At The Modern Mystery School, they don’t just think of manifestation as “thinking about something until it happens.” Manifesting in your life is accomplished by accessing your divinity, and using your powers to change the world in your favour. Manifesting your reality isn’t something we can achieve through good thoughts alone, and the Four Worlds is the best system for seeing a real change to our lives, as each step brings our dream closer to reality. Each step, in that way, brings our vision closer to manifestation in the real world.

What is Manifestation?

“Manifestation” is a term that is thrown around a lot in New Age and esoteric circles, and it’s easy to see why – who wouldn’t want to be able to make their desires a reality with nothing more than willpower? Manifestation in these systems is often simply the result of the “Law of Attraction” or of “raising your vibration”, so that the things which you visualise and focus on are drawn to you with no extra effort on your part.

It’s a very tempting idea, and like many of the things that these systems claim to teach, it’s based in part on the truth. Those who have studied the Universal Kabbalah, or spoken to an initiate of the Lineage of King Salomon will know what I mean by that – manifestation is real, and knowledge of the Kabbalah can help us to see it in our own lives. It may not be as simple as simply visualising your dream, though – and that’s where the Four Worlds come in.

The Four Worlds


The first of the Four Worlds is the Idea: the spark of inspiration which ignites the flames of manifestation. In this first world, we realise what it is that we need, and the Divine Light illuminates the desire within us. It is this association with the Divine Light that led the Idea, the First World, to be called Atziluth in mainstream Kabbalah – as this word means “emanation” or “nearness”.

If we think of manifestation in terms of forging a beautiful item from metal, then the Idea, the First World, is the discovery of the metal ore in the earth. We have uncovered this idea, and now we may use that discovery to make something beautiful.


Once the idea is in our heads, we begin to think, to refine what it is that we want, how we will get it, and why we want it. This is often the point at which people fall down – thinking may seem easier than action, and so we may spend too much time here, but it is a vital step in defining our goal and carrying out the manifestation. The Second World, Thought, allows us the chance to turn the idea into something which can be worked with – continuing our metaphor of making a beautiful item from metal, the Second World is where the ore is purified, and turned from a potential resource into workable material.

It is from Thought that our desire will be made real.


The Third of the Four Worlds is the Plan – at this point, we know what we want, and are writing down a plan of action. How can the dream be made real? What do we have to do?

It may take some time to work out the Plan, and you may find yourself revisiting the Second World several times during the process, as Thought is required to define specific portions of what you will do. Once you have your plan in place, however, don’t hesitate – you are so close to manifesting your desire as a reality, and only one step remains.


The Fourth and final World is Action. Here, everything which we have thought through, planned and imagined for so long is put into place, and acted upon. We enact the plan, and finish the manifestation.

This is one step which is often left out by pretender lineages and New Age practices, since it’s easier to simply sit back and do nothing, but the truth, understood by Salomon and his descendants, is that everything must involve an exchange of energy. To manifest our desires, we have to act.

If you dream of being a published author, the you must write. If you dream of acting, or painting, you must act or paint. It seems obvious, but that is the core truth of Salomon’s teachings – often, the simplest and purest truths are the hardest for people to grasp.

All Four Worlds are vital – neglect one, and your manifestation will not go the way you hope. But if you respect them, honour them and spend the time and the effort in each one, nothing is beyond you!

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