Can Universal Kabbalah Help Me to “Know Thyself?”

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Modern Mystery School Universal Kabbalah

At the beginning of recorded history, thousands of years ago, the seat of western civilisation, Greece, was home to a wise and knowledgeable oracle. The Oracle of Delphi, as she was known, advised kings, emperors and wise men from all lands, providing them with guidance and prophecy.

Above her door was written a single phrase – a powerful command that all who would meet her should read and obey. It simply said “Gnothi Seauton”. Know Thyself.

The wisest woman in the ancient world saw this commandment as being important enough, and fundamental enough, to set it in stone above her door – but what does it mean, and how does it tie in to Universal Kabbalah and the Modern Mystery School?

What it Means to Know Thyself

Every ancient Mystery School had “Know Thyself” above their doors, in tribute to the Oracle and in knowledge of the truth of her wisdom. To know thyself is to know who you truly are, underneath everything; it is to see to the heart of you and accept what you find there, working with it to become the best person you can be. To know thyself is paramount to finding fulfilment and joy in life: unless we truly know what we are seeking, we can’t work to attain it.

It is more than that, however; to know thyself is to see the divine spark within us – the potential for greatness and the divinity that empowers us, and to embrace it!

Why It Is Important to Know Thyself

As I mentioned above, knowing thyself is vital to living our lives to the full and finding true joy in life! When we know who we are, we know our strengths and the areas in which we must improve; we know what we are seeking, and we know what we must do to achieve it. Nothing is beyond the reach of someone who knows themselves!

However, at the Modern Mystery School, and through Universal Kabbalah, we appreciate that it is more than simply knowing your own mind. We all have divinity encoded within us – we are all eternal beings that were never born and can never die, and so all the knowledge of the Universe is encoded within us. At the Modern Mystery School, we know that each person is their own best teacher, and that they have the answers to all things within themselves: they need only learn how to see them.

This is why it is vital to Know Thyself: it is a gateway to knowing everything else!

Universal Kabbalah as a Tool for Self-Exploration

Universal Kabbalah is a very powerful tool for enhancing our perception and providing insight into our lives, as well as the world around us. Kabbalah has been used for thousands of years to help practitioners discern the truth of the world, of reality, and of themselves; so it is the perfect tool to use in the quest to Know Thyself!

Universal Kabbalah empowers you to see what was previously unseen, and understand what you previously could not. When turned inward, these tools and techniques allow you to unlock your own potential in incredible ways.

Universal Kabbalah at the Modern Mystery School

Universal Kabbalah forms an important part of the teachings of the Modern Mystery School, which have been handed down through the generations for thousands of years. During their initial Life Awakening and Empower Thyself courses, students are taught the fundamentals of Universal Kabbalah, giving them the tools they need to further explore not just kabbalah and all that it can give to a person, but themselves and the Universe.

With a grounding in Universal Kabbalah, a Modern Mystery School student has the ability to understand and learn anything they choose – so call us about a class today or get in touch to ask a few questions! You’ll be glad you did.

Contact the Modern Mystery School Today for More Information!

If you would like to know more about how Universal Kabbalah can help you to know yourself, empower you to make changes in your life, and build up your understanding of who you truly are and what you were meant for, you can get in touch with the Modern Mystery School at any time on our telephone number, 02071837880, or by visiting our Contact Page, where you will find a direct contact form. No matter the time of day or night, you can use this form to send us a direct message, and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can!

The Modern Mystery School head office is staffed with experienced, expert Kabbalists, who have been studying the secrets of Universal Kabbalah for years, as handed down through our lineage for untold lifetimes. The accumulated wisdom of the ages is waiting to come to you – you just need to get in touch and ask!

We’ll be happy to answer any questions which you might have, or provide any advice and information which you need to make the best possible choice for your learning and your development. So, if you want to “know thyself” better, why not call us today? You just might find what you’ve always been looking for.