How Can Emotional Cord Release Help Me?

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Emotional cord release

At the Modern Mystery School London, we understand that when people form a bond with someone, through close friendship, sexual intimacy, or a family tie, they create emotional tethers which connect them together. These energetic connections mean that we share energy with the people we are connected to, strengthening our relationships and giving us incredible empathy for the people we love.

However, these cords are a double-edged sword – when relationships end, when we are separated from those we were once bonded to, and they become negative impacts on our lives, then the cords that once exchanged positive energy instead become siphons of our joy and energy, leeching it away and anchoring us so we cannot move on with our lives.

If you find yourself stuck on past relationships, or you feel that your energy and happiness are being drained and negative energy is entering your life, it may be because of a connection to someone who has since left your life. Whether through a breakup, a death, or simply drifting apart, the cords which connect us to those people no longer serve our best interests – it’s time to let them go, for our own sake.

Disconnect the cords, break the connection, and reclaim your life!

What is Emotional Cord Release?

Emotional cord release is exactly what it sounds like – when an energetic cord is draining your energy or leeching at your joy and potential, it can be disconnected from you, freeing you from the influence of the other person.

Emotional cord release is a ceremony which, when performed by a trained specialist at the Modern Mystery School, removes the anchors of an emotional cord, cutting it so that its influence no longer affects your life.

Afterwards, you will feel free of the extra weight of the past, free of the emotional drain which had been placed on you, and free to move on with your growth and self-development!

Why Do We Need to Disconnect Emotional Cords?

An emotional connection to another person can serve to transfer energy even over long distances. We don’t need to have seen the person for years for this to occur – and in fact, it sometimes happens even when someone has died. Either way, we lose energy, joy and positivity to the tether, which becomes a sort of leech on our psyche.

It’s important to note that the ill effects we feel from an unwanted emotional tether aren’t always deliberate on the part of the other person. It’s most likely that the cord is simply acting as a connector, like a pipe running between two barrels, each partially full of liquid. Once connected, the barrels equalise, and the more empty of the two benefits.

This is the case with most emotional cord connections – the person who experiences more negativity and chaos in their life, the one who left, unintentionally inflicts a part of it on those connected to them. It is vital for our own wellbeing to disconnect these cords, before too much is siphoned away.

Are All Emotional Cords Negative?

No, not all energetic cords are negative. Those which exist between the members of a loving, supportive relationship can strengthen it enormously, granting us empathy and allowing us to support one another implicitly.

However, even in this context, the people in the relationship are likely to be carrying baggage – ties to former relationships or other aspects of their lives which are holding them back and sucking away energy that could be better used.

It’s important to preserve those things which serve us, and remove those which harm us.

What Can Form an Emotional Cord?

Emotional cords can be formed when we share an intense experience with another person, or when an attachment grows over time. These situations can include sexual relationships – no matter how brief – as well as friendships, family connections like those to a parent, sibling or child, and can even be formed in a student-teacher capacity or in a close work environment. Anywhere where the potential for emotional attachment exists, these cords can take hold.

Romantic relationships often form the strongest and most effective emotional tethers. The intense nature of the bond, coupled with the trauma of a breakup and the lingering feelings, often create a situation where the energetic tie weighs heavily on the individual.

Does the Modern Mystery School Offer Emotional Cord Cutting?

We do! The cord cutting service offered by the Modern Mystery School is provided by trained experts, initiated into the Mysteries of King Salomon the Wise. For all of human history, these modalities and healing practices were used to great effect, and they have helped countless millions throughout the years.

It’s worked for people before you, and it’ll work for you – contact us today for more information!

Contact the Modern Mystery School for More Information Today!

If you would like more information on emotional cord release, or if you would like to book a consultation with one of our expert practitioners, you can get in touch with the Modern Mystery School London by calling our head office on 02071837880, or by visiting the contact page on this site.

Our London head office represents the entire European branch of the Modern Mystery School, and is staffed with fully-qualified, fully-initiated guides, healers and teachers in the Lineage of Salomon, which stretches back 3,000 years in an unbroken chain of masters and students, carrying ancient truths to the modern day.

If you are interested in booking an emotional cord release, they will be happy to accommodate you – or if you’d like to learn how to release energetic ties in both yourself and others, our head office staff can help you find the ideal classes, courses and initiations to get you started on your journey.

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