How to be the STAR of your own movie

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Think about all the experiences you have had in your life. The good, the bad, the ugly. Consider the experiences you have loved, and the lessons you have learned from.

What is the common element through all of these experiences?

The answer is you.

From this point of view, you could choose to see your life as a movie, with you in the starring role. This is an empowering way to look at it, and also raises other questions. Who is the producer? Who is the director? Who are the cast members?

This is an invitation to look within yourself to find the answers to these questions. Another exciting question worth contemplating is: What would your life look like if you wrote the script yourself?

Would you choose the story you are currently experiencing, or would you change any of the details? Are you happy with your co-stars, or would you rather replace them with a better cast? Are you happy with the role you are playing as the star of your own movie?

If you are happy with your role in life (and on earth), this is great. If not, you are free to change this and write a better script for your movie. All these questions provide clues as to what you can change if you want your movie to be more in alignment with your vision for your life.

In essence, you are an infinite and multidimensional being, temporarily experiencing life as a human. Your human body is your avatar. Who is really experiencing life through your eyes, your ears, your senses?

Whether you are living life intentionally or not, you are the hero of your own movie. Your life purpose is your script. While you are here on earth you have the freedom to create any story you wish to experience. You have the power to change this. You can play any role you desire, and you can write any script that appeals to you.

You have an opportunity to create a legacy for yourself here on earth. You have the capacity to star in an incredible movie that people will remember for generations to come. Are you living this vision?

There are many tools to create this reality for yourself. To get started, you can literally write a script for your life. You can write down your dreams, desires, wishes, and goals, and create an action plan to manifest this vision. Here are some tools to assist you in this.

Ritual, prayer, and meditation are all powerful ways rewrite the script of your own movie. It all begins by getting clear on what you want. The next step is to incorporate this into your daily practice.

If you are already doing this and wish to increase the impact of your movie, Universal Kabbalah provides the tools to accelerate your manifestation and increase your capacity to create your own reality. Contact us to find out about our next classes if this is something that intrigues you.

Above all, have fun! This is your movie. It can be any genre you wish it to be. You are in the starring role, so make sure you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.